Who We Are

Light & Truth Magazine was founded in 1994 by a group of Yale University undergraduates to focus on intellectual commentary and investigative reporting featuring diverse intellectual perspectives.

Light & Truth first stepped into the spotlight when it uncovered the Bass Grant scandal of 1996. In that affair, the Yale administration attempted to redirect a $20 million alumni donation away from its desired beneficiary, a program on Western Civilization. This publication’s reporting, however, helped bring wider awareness to the issue and stayed the University’s hand.

Light & Truth also drew media attention in 1999 when three freshmen counselors destroyed a thousand copies of the magazine during Camp Yale after having been offended by several passages in the magazine’s “Freshman Survival Guide.” In acting to censor rather than to engage the publication, the counselors had the vocal support of the Dean of Ezra Stiles College.

The Yale administration was slow to acknowledge the “PhelpsGate” scandal as it unfolded, making no official comments until the story hit the national news. Light & Truth, however, remained vocal despite administrative opposition, publicizing the tension between the Left’s language of toleration and policies of censorship.

After a hiatus in the middle of the decade, a new staff brought it back to print during the academic year of 2008-2009. Since its revival, Light & Truth has been one of Yale’s premier venues for political and philosophical thought.



Light & Truth is wholly produced by students of Yale University. The magazine is sponsored by the Collegiate Network, a non-partisan, not-for-profit educational organization. Opinions presented in Light & Truth are solely those of its authors and are not necessarily endorsed by Yale University or the Collegiate Network.

Light & Truth thanks the UOC for its continuing support.

Light & Truth welcomes letters and contributions, including essays, commentary, reports, reviews, and artwork. Letters to the Editor must include the author’s phone number and any academic and organizational affiliations. Light & Truth reserves the right to edit all correspondence. Not every submission may be printed.

Light & Truth is distributed freely on campus with each printing. Semesterly or yearlong subscriptions to Light & Truth are available to off-campus readers. Inquiries about subscriptions should be directed to the editor.


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